Experiences On-Demand


Do you remember the gadget you got for Christmas, 2014? Do you remember the jeans you bought back in 2011?

Probably not. But do you remember the first trip you took with your friends, without any parents around? Do you remember that day you tried to surf, falling into the ocean for hours and then finally standing up for two seconds?

Probably so. Because what we really remember are experiences. Living in a big city is an experience, and you’re going to remember it.


Koalition wants to make sure it’s a good memory. A memory of working on project you’re passionate about, seeing a different culture up close, meeting people from all over.

So why have part of that memory be fighting hundreds of others for a junky apartment, when you don’t have any furniture and certainly don’t want to buy any? Why should you worry about getting internet and water turned on? Why should you tie up your money in a security deposit?

You’re in the on-demand economy. Cars, food, lawyers, tutors…they’re all out there at the touch of a screen. Housing should be the same: Living as a Service.