Great Living Made Simple

Great Living
Made Simple


Flex your life


Our lives are flexible - so why is housing so rigid? You’re mobile, working wherever you please, so why are you tied to one city? Why not live in Paris for a while, then head off to Thailand, and then to L.A., and then come back to Paris for another 6 months of warm, buttery croissants?

Koalition is there to make it easy, all-inclusive, and flexible: the perfect apartment to fit all your needs.


Things Move Fast


In the 19th century, 80% of the world’s population was living and working on farmland, never moving from where they were born.

Today, services rule, and 80% of the population lives in cities. Software is taking over, middlemen are disappearing (never fast enough), strawberries are growing in shipping containers just down the street from Notre Dame.

And you’re part of the digital nomads dreaming up ways toward a better world. A world where you’re free to live, travel and work anywhere.

Koalition gives you a place to live where you can relax, meet like minded people, share a meal and not worry about whether you should be signing a 12-month lease.

Experiences On-Demand


Do you remember the gadget you got for Christmas, 2014? Do you remember the jeans you bought back in 2011?

Probably not. But do you remember the first trip you took with your friends, without any parents around? Do you remember that day you tried to surf, falling into the ocean for hours and then finally standing up for two seconds?

Probably so. Because what we really remember are experiences. Living in a big city is an experience, and you’re going to remember it.


Koalition wants to make sure it’s a good memory. A memory of working on project you’re passionate about, seeing a different culture up close, meeting people from all over.

So why have part of that memory be fighting hundreds of others for a junky apartment, when you don’t have any furniture and certainly don’t want to buy any? Why should you worry about getting internet and water turned on? Why should you tie up your money in a security deposit?

You’re in the on-demand economy. Cars, food, lawyers, tutors…they’re all out there at the touch of a screen. Housing should be the same: Living as a Service.


The Work-Life Blend


It used to be that people looked for a work/life balance. The two were separate, work couldn’t be enjoyed, life was a missed opportunity to be working.

Forget that. Work isn’t about wasting 46 weeks out of the year just to have 6 weeks off. Your job is doing what you love, on projects that are worth your time. And sure, you work long hours. But you do it wherever you want, in an office, at home, with friends, with colleagues…hell, your friends are your colleagues.

When you love what you’re doing, it isn’t work. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need a place to relax, even if that’s the same place where you were coding an hour ago.


So What Are You Gonna Do?


Koalition is the first coliving space in Paris. Built with TheFamily, it’s the next step in startup infrastructure. Entrepreneurs and startupers have enough problems to worry about - that’s why our house combines comfort, knowledge, and the dynamic network you’ve been looking for. You work hard on your project, and we take care of the rest.


All inclusive living. Just do the things that matter.
Come with your luggage… and that’s it.


What does
membership include?

  • Fully furnished apartment
  • Private room with double bed and linen
  • Weekly change of linen
  • Weekly refill of soap, toilet paper and so on
  • Weekly cleaning of shared spaces
  • Free in-house laundry service
  • Ultra fast Wifi (of course!)
  • Utilities
  • Access to our online and offline network of like-minded people
  • Friends! ;)